Mason County Illinois Transitions to DEVNET Property Tax Software

DEVNET is pleased to announce that Mason County, Illinois, has chosen to transition to the DEVNET Property Tax Assessment Administration, Billing and Collection, and hosted wEdge e-government solution.

DEVNET is thankful to add yet another Illinois county in 2014.  

“Mason County is transitioning from a ‘home grown’ system that we have used since the 1980s into commercial software,” said Mason County Administrator Bill Blessman. “We feel the county will be better situated to meet future demands for data and reporting related to the property tax system, particularly as the statutory demands become more and more complex.”

Blessman continued, “We look forward to working with DEVNET. Having served as county clerk for nearly 30 years prior to becoming county administrator, I have long been familiar with DEVNET’s products and services. DEVNET is the recognized industry leader in Illinois for products and support, and we are pleased to become part of that team. I have known some of the DEVNET staff for nearly 30 years, and I greatly value the knowledge and experience that my former colleagues bring to the table.”

The Mason County website is:

About Mason County

Mason County sits in central Illinois between the Sangamon River on the south and the Illinois River on the west, with its County Seat in Havana. Mason County was created in 1841 and named in honor of George Mason, the Virginia statesman and delegate to the 1787 U.S. Constitutional Convention who campaigned for the adoption of the United States Bill of Rights. The county is served by seven major highways and the Union Pacific Railroad and the Illinois Midland Railway. Mason County is home to the Jake Wolf Memorial Fish Hatchery, Chautauqua National Wildlife Refuge, Sand Ridge State Forest, Mason State Tree Nursery, and the Sanganois Conservation Area. Due to the region’s sandy soil, Mason County is a major producer of pumpkins, watermelons, and cantaloupes.

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