Bollinger County Missouri adds DEVNET wEdge E-government solution

DEVNET is pleased that Bollinger County, Missouri, has chosen to improve its customer service by implementing DEVNET’s wEdge™ e-government solution. With this addition, the county benefits from the fully integrated Edge™ solution. wEdge™ integrates with the DEVNET Property Tax Assessment Administration and Billing & Collection solutions already in place at the county.

wEdge™ is DEVNET’s industry leading e-government and property search platform that integrates property information, GIS, and other government services through a single application. wEdge™ is a customizable inquiry solution that integrates the Edge™ applications providing county and public users access to important taxpayer information. wEdge™ allows taxpayers to pay their real estate and personal property tax bills online and contains numerous administrative and security settings.

“My experience and Bollinger County’s experience with DEVNET has been wonderful,” said Bollinger County Collector-elect Sonya Fulton. “Because of our day-to-day experience with DEVNET, the county made the decision to invest in the wEdge™ program. The new system allows for much more automation than our previous one, which means we can help our customers in a timelier manner.

“Customer requests for information can also be obtained easily with DEVNET,” Fulton continued. “A copy of a tax bill is now just a few clicks away. The wEdge™ system will allow our customers more freedom in paying bills, making their own copies of paid receipts, and researching information. Since the program is available 24/7, it is there for them at their convenience. Customers who need assistance with navigating the site can contact our office during normal office hours, and we will be happy to assist them.”

The Bollinger County Collector’s normal office hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The phone number is 572 238-1900, extension 2.

About Bollinger County

Bollinger County is located in southeast Missouri and was organized in 1851. It was named in honor of Colonel George Frederick Bollinger, a Missouri legislator and pioneer settler. It covers 621 square miles of terrain that ranges from the Mississippi Delta flatlands in the south to the Ozark Hills in the north, with its county seat in Marble Hill. The Bollinger County Museum of Natural History in Marble Hill is the home of the Missouri Dinosaur, a variety of a dinosaur called a hadrosaur (duck-billed) that was discovered in the county in 1942 and is Missouri’s official dinosaur. The museum also has a collection of natural history specimens and Native American artifacts from Missouri and other artifacts from around the world.

About DEVNET Inc.

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