Permitting & Zoning

The DEVNET Edge® Permitting and Zoning solution tracks utilities, roads, topography, flood plains, zoning classifications, building permits, inspection information and much more. This can be fully integrated with the DEVNET suite of solutions.y their real estate or personal property tax bills, and electronically file applications and record documents online.

Permitting & Zoning

User controlled fee schedules

  • Including Permit Fees
  • Penalty Fees
  • Easy to update feese

Accommodate several fee calculations

  • Flat Fee
  • Per Square Foot Fee
  • Per Unit Fee
  • Linear Foot Fee
  • Minimum Fee

Auto calculate fees based upon permit type

Inspection Tracking

  •  Customize Inspections by Permit Type
  •  Build your own Inspection Types

Violation module

  •  Generate notice of Violation and any subsequent letters
  •  Track violation origin

Violation Photo Storage

Record special use permits and terms

Integrated into FDC to record information in the field

Build permit attributes to detail specifics of permit

Reports, reports, reports

  • Permit Maturity reporting
  •  New Construction reporting
  •  Date Range Permit reporting
  •  Status reporting
  •  Plethora of other reports

Certificates & Cards

  •  Certificate of Occupancy
  •  Building Permit Certificate
  •  Inspection Card

Maintain Contractor Information

  • Name
  •  Certification number
  •  DBA’s
  •  Contact Information

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