McLean County Illinois adds DEVNET wEdge E-government solution

DEVNET is pleased to announce that McLean County, Illinois, has chosen to implement the DEVNET wEdge e-government solution. McLean County has been a client of DEVNET’s since 2004 and has selected wEdge to make the county’s property tax data available to the public.

McLean County currently uses the DEVNET Edge® Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal (CAMA), Tax Assessment Administration & Billing and Collection solutions. DEVNET is pleased that the county is adding yet another of the Edge® solutions.

wEdge is the industry leading e-government and property search platform that integrates property information, GIS, and other government services through a single application. wEdge is a customizable inquiry solution that integrates with the Edge® applications providing county and public users access to important taxpayer information. wEdge allows taxpayers to pay their real estate tax bills online and receive email notifications for properties they own. The wEdge solution contains numerous administrative and security settings to control and monitor access to property information, including subscription based access options, administrative dashboard reports, and redaction of sensitive information.

“The McLean County website has always been a leader in providing the public with vital information,” commented McLean County Chief County Assessment Officer Bob Kahman. “Since adding wEdge, the compliments have grown. The public and professional users of public information are unanimous in their enjoyment of the ease of use and wealth of information that we are able to provide using wEdge as our public face.”

Rebecca McNeil, McLean County Treasurer and Tax Collector, said, “We have a wide user base, and it was very obvious when the website was not meeting the expectations of our users. Incoming calls drained our resources.  We just went through second installment and received many compliments from the addition of wEdge. We are very satisfied. Thank you for the operational support DEVNET provides.”

“The DEVNET wEdge installation team was extremely professional and provided one of the most seamless transitions with which my office has worked,” noted McLean County Information Technologies Director Craig Nelson. “The DEVNET product meets the needs of our citizens better than our in-house product and requires much less regular attention from my staff. wEdge provides a great value for the dollars invested.”

The McLean County website is:

The McLean County Treasurer’s website is:

The McLean County DEVNET wEdge website is:

About McLean County

McLean County, the largest county by land area in Illinois, is located in central Illinois and has a population of over 174,000. It was founded on December 25, 1830 and named for John McLean (1791-1830), United States Representative and United States Senator from Illinois. The County Seat is located in Bloomington, IL. McLean County is the top-producing county in the United States for soybeans and the second highest in corn. It has over 67,800 parcels. McLean County is the home of Illinois State University, Illinois Wesleyan University, and Heartland Community College.

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