Billing & Collection

The DEVNET Edge® Billing & Collection solution will allow for the collection of current and delinquent property taxes and the various political subdivisions that have an authorized property tax levy. The Collector solution performs all billing, collection, distribution, delinquent taxes, tax sales and maintenance processes pertaining to both real and personal property..

Tax Calculation

Document Indexing And Retrieval

  • Taxing body maintenance allows simple entry of taxing bodies and tax/millage rates
  • Easily associate multiple taxing bodies with real estate or personal property
  • Fast and accurate calculation of taxes including:
  • TIF
  • Abatement
  • Special Assessments
  • Enterprise Zone
  • Bond Issues
  • Railroad
  • Utilities
  • Personal Property
  • Mobile Home
  • Oil and Gas
  • Watershed
  • Drainage
  • Commercial Surtax
  • School Tax
  • Per Capita and other Personal Tax
  • Reimbursements
  • Tax calculation reporting allows for taxing body and tax/millage rate level reporting by county or city

Billing, Collection, And Distribution

  • Quickly and accurately bills, collects, and distributes tax monies for taxing authorities within the jurisdiction.
  • One tax collection program that will collect taxes for real estate, personal property, special assessments and surtax
  • Ability to bill and collect drainage, watershed and other special districts with the associated account
  • Processes regular, protested and refunded payments
  • Ability to calculate penalty, interest and assign special fees for collector
  • Laser Tax bills generated in desired formats along with paid tax receipts
  • Capability to produce collector’s books, delinquent books and create delinquent bills
  • Processes court order additions, deletions, supplements, write-offs and waivers
  • Processes payments including merchant’s license, tax sale publication costs, duplicate tax receipts, surtax, land sales
  • Software can be broken out by tax year, political sub-division and types of tax
  • Special assessments appear on tax statement
  • Interest, clerk fee, collector fee, and penalties can be figured by month and be printed on tax receipts for the entire year
  • Check generation
  • Ability to bill and collect Drainage, Watershed and other special districts
  • Bar coded tax bills for faster, easier and more accurate tax collection
  • Collection of tax bills include collecting by bar code, parcel number, bill number, owner name, and tax buyer name for fast entry of tax payments
  • Accepts tape payments from banks and other institutions
  • FAST tax distribution including check printing and automatic ACH transfers
  • Additions and abatements module for printing corrected tax bills
  • Interface with the County’s existing financial system
  • Online Tax Collection
  • Disbursement Processing
  • Disbursement and settlement reporting of Real Estate, Personal Property, and Surtax countywide or by township when required
  • Reporting by district, county, and township when required
  • Correction/Court Order Processing
  • Protested Tax Maintenance
  • Bankruptcy Maintenance

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