Missouri’s Livingston County Launches DEVNET wEdge™ Online Payment

DEVNET and Livingston County Collector-Treasurer Paula McCoy are proud to announce that county taxpayers can now make tax payments online through the DEVNET wEdge™ e-government solution website. Livingston County’s wEdge™ application has been providing the public with access to tax information since February 2015.

DEVNET’s wEdge™ solutions provide web access to the Edge™ Ecosystem. wEdge™ is the industry leading e-government and property search platform that integrates property information, GIS, and other government services through a single application, including online payment of real estate or personal property tax bills. wEdge™ is a customizable inquiry solution that integrates the Edge™ applications to give county and public users access to important taxpayer information and contains numerous administrative and security settings.

“The wEdge™ site has been a great success, and I invite county residents to check it out,” said McCoy. “I’d like to remind taxpayers to view their tax information online, and to contact the County Collector-Treasurer’s office if they have any questions.”

McCoy noted that tax payments are due on December 31 of the tax year. After the 12/31 deadline, interest and penalties will be applied. There is no subscription fee to the taxpayers of Livingston County or the general public for the use of the wEdge™ website.

The Livingston County Collector-Treasurer’s office is located in the Livingston County Courthouse at
 700 Webster Street, Suite 5, Chillicothe, Missouri.

  • Phone: 660-646-8000, ext. 7
  • Fax: 660-646-8015
  • Office hours: 8:30 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. Monday through Friday


Livingston County DEVNET wEdge™ Online Property Tax website:


Livingston County Collector-Treasurer’s office resource page:



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