SQL/GIS Specialist Jeff Antonson Joins DEVNET Development Staff

The DEVNET Development team is pleased to welcome Jeff Antonson as Database Administrator. Antonson has over 17 years background in IT, with extensive experience in GIS consulting for counties. He has a wide skillset that enables him to observe and deconstruct business processes, define how they interrelate in both system and human resource perspectives, and then find the means to provide data automation operations that provide exactly the right data, in exactly the right format, with peak performance at fast speeds.

“My goal is to provide re-usable and multi-purposed SQL Server Stored Procedures for use by developers and reduce the ad hoc SQL query effort,” Antonson said. “This should speed performance of the application and reduce the time required by developers by providing a more robust, smaller, and re-usable coding footprint.”

Antonson is passionate about database management and the benefits it can bring DEVNET customers.

“Working in both GIS and the specialty of Microsoft SQL Server has expanded my knowledgebase immensely,” commented Antonson. “As we marry spatial and tabular data, we can do things in the database engine that were previously not possible at the speeds required to be truly useful. We can add even more value to our clients by leveraging their real-time data into predictive patterns and analysis forecasting, giving them the ability to see around the corner. We are poised to join ensembles of data that might otherwise be unrelated and blend them into an inter-related tapestry of predictive variable forecasting. To me, that’s an amazing and untapped resource.”

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