Brian Hall Brings GIS Experience to DEVNET as Project Manager

DEVNET is excited to announce that Brian Hall has joined its team as a Project Manager. Hall’s career in the GIS field includes 15 years’ combined experience working as GIS Director in Ohio for Wayne County and Stark County.

DEVNET prides itself on being current with technology while maintaining continuity with previous releases that our clients know and love. DEVNET is proactively expanding its product line through improvements to the core system, as well as developing new extensions and product additions. Our focus in 2015 was state-of-the-art GIS integration and an improved user experience; 2016 will bring major developments in mobile, workflow, reporting, and more.

“My years of county GIS experience will be an asset to DEVNET as it works to integrate new technology in the system,” Hall said. “Working with many different county offices has developed my understanding for bringing geographic solutions and enhancements to work processes. DEVNET’s design can be applied to areas that maybe have not been previously explored. DEVNET has the potential to change how county government collaborates and shares work processes to make counties more effective in their service to the public.”

Hall originally learned about DEVNET while working as GIS Director for Stark County, Ohio. While evaluating vendors during the RFP process for a new CAMA/Tax system, he said DEVNET became a very intriguing option.

“DEVNET’s integration of GIS right inside the CAMA truly peaked my interest,” recalled Hall. “Typically, GIS was always a separate export and a standalone system. The prospect of all the feature-rich data of the CAMA system being directly integrated with the geographical location of the parcel felt like a dream come true. This inspired me to keep an eye on where DEVNET was heading and ultimately led me to joining the company.”

For his initial project with DEVNET, Hall will be working with Gaston County, North Carolina.

“My goal in Gaston County is to provide a system that will set the standard for the state,” he explained. “The county’s willingness to embrace the value of adding maps directly inside the CAMA/Tax system will make this possible and will help enhance the efficiency and fairness in assessing. North Carolina will note improvements in Gaston County’s assessment and taxation process. I am excited to be a part of the team bringing DEVNET to the state.”

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