Ruth-Ann J. Gentry Named DEVNET Vice President of Human Resources

DEVNET is pleased to announce that Ruth-Ann J. Gentry has been named Vice President of Human Resources. Gentry has been the company’s Fleet/Benefits Administrator since July of 2014, handling new hires, insurance implementation and management, and vehicle administration.

As the VP of Human Resources, Gentry is responsible for managing personnel files, risk management, and employee programs, as well as ongoing fleet/benefits duties.

“In my prior role,” Gentry explained, “I worked with employees who were newly hired and/or drove company vehicles. In my new position, I’ll work with every DEVNET employee.”

“This is a very exciting time for DEVNET, and I look forward to all the new opportunities,” she continued. “I see myself in the middle of the organization, helping employees and helping the company grow and expand.”

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