Marion County Illinois Adds DEVNET Edge® CAMA & wEdge Solutions

DEVNET is pleased that Marion County, Illinois will be using the DEVNET Edge® Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal (CAMA) and wEdge e-government solutions.

Marion County is located in Southern Illinois. The county seat is Salem and it is the thirty fifth most populous county in Illinois at a population of approximately 39,000.

Patty Brough, Marion County Supervisor of Assessments adds, “With the implementation of DEVNET CAMA and wEdge, Marion County will be a fully integrated system.  This change will streamline workflow in the Assessment office creating efficiency in valuation and e-government activities.  Marion County has had the privilege of working with DEVNET and its employees for over 10 years. We fully expect to receive the same friendly, efficient service that they currently provide.”

Marion County has been using the DEVNET Edge® integrated Property Tax Assessment Administration and Billing & Collection Solution since 2003. Michael Gentry, President of DEVNET goes on to say, “DEVNET is pleased that the county is adding additional DEVNET Edge® solutions to further integrate and streamline their tax processing. With the implementation of CAMA, the county will realize proficient valuation that will lead to highly accurate and defensible appraisal and assessment practices. Additionally, the county will be offering the public greater access and availability to their assessment and collection information through the DEVNET wEdge e-government solution. We are more than pleased to work with the county on this important implementation.”

DEVNET has become the leading Property Tax Software Provider in the State of Illinois serving 53 of the 102 Counties. DEVNET offers proven industry knowledge and experience implementing integrated Appraisal, Assessment, Billing, Collection and e-government solutions designed to empower the public sector user. We have dedicated ourselves to taking a unique, personalized approach with every client and have quickly become a leading nationwide provider of integrated government solutions. Our focus is on integration, enhanced workflow and all inclusive pricing. With 100 installations, DEVNET solutions value and collect for over 3.5 million parcels throughout eight states. Our integrated DEVNET Edge® solutions provide endless possibilities to enhance workflow, boost productivity and manage time more effectively.

The full suite of integrated DEVNET Edge® Property Tax Solutions include Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal (CAMA), Assessment Administration, Billing & Collection, Tax Claims, Remote Collection, Permitting & Zoning, Records Management, wEdge e-government, Printing & Mailing Services, Hardware Sales & Support and GIS Integration.