Joedy Smith Named Support Specialist/Project Manager at DEVNET Inc.

Joedy Smith, an experienced member of the DEVNET team since 2007, has been named Support Specialist/Project Manager. Smith joined DEVNET in 2007 as Helpdesk Manager and has filled many roles, including Programming Support Manager, in the ensuing years. He has excelled in leading the support team and has established longstanding relationships and excellent rapport with clients and colleagues alike.

As a DEVNET Support Specialist/Project Manager, Smith will devote his energies to developing long-term relationships with existing and potential clients, working to add system functionality and enhancements, and keeping customers up and running.

“Over the last nine years, I have acquired valuable knowledge and experience on the Tax Cycles in Illinois, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, South Dakota, Ohio, and Virginia,” Smith said. “I have become a subject matter expert in multiple areas of the tax cycle, including but not limited to CAMA, Assessment Administration, and Billing and Collection. With my past experience in a support role, I have acquired skills that allow me to assist in multiple areas of field support and project management.”

Smith’s deep background in and knowledge of the use of DEVNET Edge™ applications has led to extensive involvement in customer training, and he has conducted regular DEVNET product demonstrations.

“DEVNET has been my home for the last nine years,” Smith commented, “and I look forward to what the future holds for the company as a whole.”

About DEVNET Inc.

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