DEVNET’s Richard Lynskey promoted to Lead Software Developer

DEVNET is pleased to announce that Richard Lynskey has been promoted to Lead Software Developer. Lynskey has been with DEVNET for 10 years, starting as a Junior Programmer and progressing to Senior Software Developer. He has helped develop and support DEVNET projects in seven states in the U.S.


In his new role, Lynskey will oversee all updates and improvements to DEVNET’s internal desktop development tools, look after the transition to a new internal issue tracker, and ensure the consistency of DEVNET applications across teams.


“One of my goals is to streamline everything that we can in between our developers finishing a change and the program being released to clients,” Lynskey explained, “Not only to get applications ready for our customers more quickly, but also to reduce the amount of time our staff spends manually building updates.”


DEVNET Vice President of Software Support Michael Sager has come to rely on Lynskey’s eye for detail, judgement, and vision of how the DEVNET EdgeTM framework should be structured.


“With DEVNET’s latest framework upgrade, it has become quite apparent to me that Richard’s skills have only gained in strength over the years,” Sager said. “As Lead Software Developer, Richard will be the custodian of DEVNET’s EdgeTM products framework, guiding and instructing programmers on the best practice to use within this framework in solving problems as well as set standards for internal documentation. As time goes on, he will implement upgrades and changes to these areas, helping DEVNET keep up with changes in technology and procedures. I have every confidence in Richard’s abilities, and the future of DEVNET’s EdgeTM product is in good hands.”