DEVNET Welcomes Matt Bryant as New Chief Technology Officer

DEVNET Incorporated is excited to announce that on May 4, 2015, Matt Bryant was named to its leadership team as the new Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

“As a leading developer of Property Tax and CAMA software, it’s vital that our technical division is led by someone highly innovative, forward thinking, and always ahead of the curve,” said Michael Gentry, President and Co-Founder of DEVNET. “With Bryant’s successful track record of building applications from scratch, his GIS development, and direct experience working with Tax and CAMA data, it’s evident that he encompasses all these traits and more − making him the perfect fit for our executive team.”

Bryant joins DEVNET after almost 16 years with the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Company Bruce Harris & Associates, where he recently led the development of a GIS-driven field appraisal system that won Wayne County, Ohio, a Special Achievement in GIS award from Esri, the global leader in GIS technology.

In his new role, Bryant will be responsible for leading engineering, information technology, and software development functions to deliver best-in-class solutions and services to DEVNET clients. One of Bryant’s immediate tasks in his new role will be integrating GIS and native GIS functionality throughout the DEVNET Edge™ solutions.

“Matt is a proven leader and a key part of our growth agenda,” Gentry added. “His experience and expertise will ensure that DEVNET is well positioned in the industry to respond to change and forge ahead with our innovative solutions.”

“I have a unique perspective from having been a consumer of DEVNET data for GIS analytic and visualization purposes,” said Bryant. “I’m very impressed with the company goals, business model, and the iterative release structure of the Edge™ products. My goal is to ensure that all of DEVNET’s products are state-of-the-art, while simultaneously providing clients and partners with an integration-friendly system.”

Bryant continued, “Technology evolves very quickly, and every software company runs the risk of providing legacy solutions if they can’t keep up with trends. My primary responsibility is to ensure that DEVNET’s products are modern – this includes user interfaces, architecture, integration and interoperability, scalability, and deployment.

“Additionally, I feel it’s the role of the CTO to inspire the software development teams to embrace new technologies. Change can be scary, but it’s an opportunity to grow and be creative.”

Having worked almost exclusively with county government, Bryant is familiar with DEVNET’s industry presence. “Coming from a consulting firm, I often built peripheral solutions that relied on property data,” he commented. “I’m excited to be able to work on a large product line that creates and maintains that data. I’ve worked with DEVNET clients and been involved in partnership projects with DEVNET in the past. I think that DEVNET customers benefit greatly from its agile development patterns, and there is no shortage of testimonials to back that up.”

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