DEVNET Inc. expands to Iowa in partnership with Marshall County

DEVNET Inc. is pleased to announce that Marshall County, Iowa, has chosen DEVNET’s Edge® solution to address its property tax and recording needs. Marshall County represents DEVNET’s first customer in the State of Iowa.

DEVNET’s ability to provide a product that is adaptable, flexible, and affordable was an important consideration in the County’s decision, according to County Information Technology Director Scott Williams.

“Our primary goals in selecting a new property tax software suite was to gain a more modern user interface and to eliminate our dependence on a single developer,” said Williams. “Marshall County has invested heavily in Web-based technologies and a Geographic Information System (GIS), and our business process relies heavily on the ability to link from various locations, both from our real estate applications and to them from other applications. DEVNET demonstrated their Web readiness as well as their ability to integrate with GIS.”

GIS Department member Melanie Ewalt added, “With all of the changes the State of Iowa has made, change was inevitable, and finding DEVNET took the scary out of change. DEVNET was very open to all our ideas and how we currently do things without giving up anything. We look forward to a long working friendship with DEVNET employees and hope to learn a lot from each other and work towards a common goal.”

That collaboration with the DEVNET team was a big factor in Marshall County’s selection.

“Probably the most important reason we selected DEVNET was our interactions with the personnel from DEVNET during the evaluation process and demos,” Williams explained. “It is very important that all of the users are comfortable with the personnel from the vendor. The DEVNET personnel on-site for the demo were founders and principals of the company as well as designers and developers of the product. They had both a deep understanding of the design and technical capabilities of the product and the authority within their organization to make decisions about development priorities. They were able to readily and believably tell us if our business processes could be implemented with their product and seemed excited about many of the suggestions we offered to enhance their product.”

Williams noted, “Because we would be DEVNET’s first Iowa customer, we really had a feeling that the product they delivered will have been designed to fit Marshall County. The feeling we had after going through the demo process was more like we were selecting a development partner, not a product. DEVNET expressed and demonstrated their excitement for working with us from the very first moment they stepped on-site.”

About Marshall County

Marshall County is named for Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court John Marshall and is located in Central Iowa with a population of over 40,000. It was organized from Jasper County in 1846. The county seat is the city of Marshalltown, a thriving city with a diversified base of businesses, award-winning schools, esteemed medical facilities, modern shopping centers, well-maintained recreational and cultural amenities, and high-quality residential areas. The Marshall County Conservation Board (MCCB) has more than 2,000 acres of land on 27 locations for camping, picnicking, fishing, canoeing, hiking, bicycle trails, forest areas, or native prairie.

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