DEVNET Canada welcomes the Municipality of Chatham-Kent in Ontario as its first Canadian client

DEVNET Canada is pleased to welcome the Municipality of Chatham-Kent, Ontario, as its first Canadian customer. DEVNET’s Edge® solution will fully integrate and meet the Municipality’s requirements for Property Information, Property Tax Administration, Billing and Collection, Tax Delinquency, Public Web Portal (wEdge e-government), and Reporting and Querying.

The Corporation of the Municipality of Chatham-Kent is a single-tier municipality with a population of 104,000 located in the heart of Southwestern Ontario. The Municipality is one of the largest municipalities by geographic boundaries in Ontario with an area of 2,543 square kilometers and a mix of urban and rural communities.

In 2008, the Municipality of Chatham-Kent Information Technology Strategic Plan (ITSP) was commissioned by Corporate Services to develop the first technology roadmap for the Municipality since amalgamation. The overall theme of the ITSP is “Survival through Simplification, Stability and Sustainability.”

“As a result of an information technology strategic plan, we identified the need to implement core business and government solutions that would meet current and future needs, based on emerging technologies, IT trends and best practices,” said Municipality Project Manager Steve Wilson. “After reviewing the market’s leading software solutions, we determined that DEVNET provided the most flexible solution to meet our diverse range of needs. The depth of DEVNET’s program functionality, strategic direction and amiable staff were key factors in our decision to select it for our Property Tax solution.”

The implementation of a Property Tax solution enables the Municipality of Chatham-Kent to replace existing aged systems and provide the catalyst for implementing efficient, common business processes for recording property information, billing, and collection. It also provides the ability to streamline activities and implement new opportunities.

Chatham-Kent’s Revenue Analyst, Mark Visser noted, “DEVNET demonstrated great team energy with a progressive mindset. We feel that DEVNET’s software will not only meet our current requirements, but will also meet our future needs in regards to the ever changing Technical/Software environments and legislative changes.”

About the Municipality of Chatham-Kent

The current Municipality of Chatham-Kent was created in 1998 by the merger of municipalities in Kent County and the City of Chatham. Situated between Lake St. Clair and Lake Erie and surrounded by rich, productive farmland, Chatham-Kent is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts and anyone who appreciates the beauty of nature. It is home to many historical festivals and was an integral part of the Underground Railroad in the 1800s. Chatham-Kent’s location allows residents to enjoy beautiful natural scenery, a low cost of living, high-quality public services, a variety of recreational activities, and unique business opportunities.

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