Cumberland County, IL, Adds DEVNET wEdge™ Solution

Cumberland County, Illinois, has added DEVNET wEdge™ to its current suite of DEVNET products, which includes integrated Edge™ Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal (CAMA), Vital Records, Property Tax Assessment Administration, and Records Management. Cumberland County has been a DEVNET client since 2003.

DEVNET wEdge™ solutions provide web access to the Edge™ Ecosystem that allows the public, local offices, outside agencies, and partner organizations a gateway to real-time authoritative data.

wEdge™ Web Applications give county and public users access to important assessment and billing information.


Jo Ellen Flood

Cumberland County Treasurer

140 Courthouse Square

P.O. Box 70

Toledo, IL 62468

Phone: (217) 849-2321



Office Hours:

Monday – Friday

8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Cumberland County website:

Cumberland County Treasurer:


About Cumberland County

Cumberland County has a population of over 10,800 and is located in southeastern Illinois. It has a total area of 347 square miles. The county seat is Toledo, and Neoga is the county’s largest city. Cumberland County was created in 1843. It was named for the National Road (also called the Cumberland Road for its eastern terminus in Cumberland, MD), the first major U.S. improved highway built by the Federal Government, which connected the Potomac and Ohio Rivers, originally stopped at Vandalia, IL, and was a gateway to the West for thousands of settlers. Today the road’s course follows U.S. Route 40. Cumberland County is part of the Charleston-Mattoon, IL Micropolitan Statistical Area.

About DEVNET Inc.

With 18 years of proven industry knowledge and over 120 installations throughout the United States and Canada, DEVNET offers integrated end-to-end Appraisal, Assessment, Billing, Collection, and e-government solutions designed to empower local government public sector users. Our solutions value and collect for over 5 million parcels, and we dedicate ourselves to creating a customized, personal experience for each client location. Edge™ is the solution to make your operation more efficient and productive. Find out more information at