Implementation Services

Support Services

DEVNET knows the importance of converting data into meaningful results. We work closely with clients to ensure that data migration is smooth and successful. Our conversion experts make certain that the integrity of client data is maintained.

The conversion team performs several tests to ensure that all data elements are accounted for between the old system and the new DEVNET system.

Throughout the conversion process, we work closely with the client when questions or concerns arise. Once acceptance testing is complete, the modules are scheduled for implementation.

Implementation starts with a series of meetings between DEVNET and the client. These meetings allow all parties involved to identify key functional requirements and establish clear expectations for the project path. The Implementation Phases are as follows:

The development team assigned to design the customization of the new solution forms and creates a timeline for the project path. The timeline is established to meet the client’s needs and is mutually agreed upon.

System Design
DEVNET works with the client to establish the goals of the new solution and creates a detailed design document that will define all aspects of the system and will be used as the template for programming. The Design Phase is a thorough examination of all required functionality agreed upon for the new solution.

This will include reports, screens, and processes required to accomplish the business needs of the client. DEVNET will meet with clients over a period of several weeks to discuss the various aspects of the system and decide what should be included in each deliverable module.

Once the design is completed and accepted by all parties, the programming team will begin configuring the system to meet the functional requirements. Programming will proceed in the manner prescribed by the design document.

Acceptance Testing
When a module is near completion, it will be installed at the client site for acceptance testing. DEVNET Field Support personnel will be on-site during the initial portion of acceptance testing. Regular feedback between the client and DEVNET will make the acceptance testing process successful and productive. During the acceptance testing period, our programming staff will begin work on the next module to be delivered as prescribed by the timeline.

Field Support will travel to the client site and hold focused training sessions on the new modules to make certain users are comfortable with the solution's functionality. Ongoing training and support will be available to help with any questions.

Go Live
At the end of the acceptance testing period, a go live date will be discussed for putting the module into production. The modules can be made live in a phased-in manner, or all modules can go live at one time. This determination will be based upon the business needs of the client and the tax cycle calendar.

DEVNET will customize product offerings to meet the needs of new and existing clients. The work to customize DEVNET software will be the result of a comprehensive design document, which will be the product of design meetings with clients. DEVNET’s state-to-state solutions will contain all the functionality and business rules that apply to the specific jurisdictions in which we serve. DEVNET has the unique ability to turn switches in the system on and off to tailor a solution to each client’s specific needs. 

DEVNET’s training begins with our belief that the customer’s needs are primary. To that end, we are flexible in our training approach. We have an overall philosophy to train users on the functions and processes in our software that follows the timeline of the overall tax cycle. This philosophy has been well received by our clients. However, we can tailor our training to the specific needs of our clients. Our goal is to inform the users of how to use the system in their everyday job without overwhelming them with information that is not necessarily relevant at the moment the initial training occurs. 

Training Processes

  • Initial Training 
    These training sessions are scheduled to provide an overview of the system and specifics surrounding the particular functions or processes of the new solutions.

  • Transitional Training
    These training sessions are scheduled as new clients finish up on their old system, ensuring a solid understanding of the DEVNET solutions and products once the new assessment year starts.

  • Cyclical Training
    These training sessions will occur in relation to the tax cycle and as reporting needs are identified by clients.

  • Ongoing Training
    As with any well developed product offering, DEVNET is committed to providing its clients ongoing training as enhancements, new product features, and upgrades occur. This is deeply engrained in the culture of DEVNET as our support staff is continually involved in training to support our clients’ needs.

Training Delivery Methods

DEVNET has adopted several training delivery methods. We do not believe one size fits all and have developed these methods to meet the specific needs of our customers. All of these options, or combinations of these options, have been used with success.

  • Train the Trainer
    Clients will identify key staff members to be trained as subject matter experts. The designated individuals will then train other users of the program. This ensures expert staff is readily available and on hand.

  • One-on-One Training
    This training method allows DEVNET trainers to deliver hands-on, in-depth sessions. Our users prefer this method because it provides personal attention for questions that may arise.

  • On-Site Training
    These training sessions can be comprised of a few individuals at their desks or larger groups in a classroom setting. Both settings are used frequently. Multiple trainers will be available.

  • Test Database Training
    In larger jurisdictions, DEVNET will create a test database that is a mirror image of the live database, to be used for training purposes. Users are generally more comfortable with a test database for practice, knowing mistakes will not cause errors in the data. 

  • Follow-Up Training 
    The test database system can be set up at the user’s desktop for follow-up practice before the system goes live.

  • Web-Based Training
    DEVNET offers online meetings and can hold training sessions over the Internet so that more users can participate if they are in different locations during the scheduled training session, or training space is unavailable at the designated training time.  However, DEVNET prefers to train our clients in-person and face-to-face.

Providing knowledgeable and competent technical support to our clients is a key philosophy of DEVNET. Each individual that comprises our technical support staff is a subject matter expert in the ongoing, day-to-day support features of the DEVNET EdgeTM solutions. 

Our toll-free client support number provides direct access to our expert technical resources, helping you to maximize the benefits of your DEVNET investment. Technical support is available during normal business hours, Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm Central Time.

DEVNET offers ongoing and unlimited support at no additional costs. Continuous advancement to products means ongoing support and training. We will walk our clients through the implementation process and continue to be readily available to meet their needs. 

“I am personally amazed at the attention to detail and quick service when issues arise. I know we are not DEVNET's only customer, but at times when we need support, it appears that their staff is waiting for us to call, and oftentimes they have a resolution and new executable ready for deployment the same day.”
-Douglas Boswell, Dauphin, PA
Data Analyst/Appraisal Services Coordinator