DEVNET signed Tazewell County Illinois in September of 2010.

The County has a population of around 130,000 and is responsible for valuing and collecting for over 67,000 parcels each year. Please read the testimonial provided by Gary Twist – CCAO, Christie Webb – County Clerk and Mary Burress – County Treasurer:

June 2, 2011 – “On behalf of Tazewell County, let me use the opportunity of this significant date, to pass along to you and all of the DEVNET staff members, our most gracious thanks for your service and support through transition to the DEVNET software.

As of this date, through our mutual efforts, DEVNET has accurately converted and balanced our final 2010 Assessment. In turn, your team members have worked with our employees in order to complete the County Clerk and Treasurer extension and tax bill processes.

For the first time in our County’s history, tax bills were generated and printed on site. And, mailing was performed with margin, to allow our taxpayers to receive their tax bills on our target date of the last Saturday of April, the 30th.

First installment of June 1, 2011 has been completed successfully and we are looking forward to the processes of the summer which will effect both our 2010 and 2011 tax years.

Although no conversion will ever be perfect, because of the complexity of the processes and people involved, we feel as though that this portion of our conversion has been conducted successfully, punctually, and accurately.

Please accept our thanks for a job well done.” Gary Twist, Christie Webb, Mary Burress