DEVNET is Proud to Donate Hardware and Services in Times of Need

On Sunday, April 30, 2017, a powerful storm system swept through the Southern Missouri Ozark area.

Over 12 inches of rain fell during this event. Due to the heavy amount of rain, widespread flooding washed out or destroyed roads and inundated numerous buildings. One of the affected buildings was the Carter County Courthouse in the Van Buren.

The Carter County sheriff reported that over eight feet of water entered the courthouse and wiped out the Collector’s office and the Clerk’s office. As a result, these offices had to be relocated to a local vacant building that was not equipped for computers, Internet, or even phones. Rewiring the building became a top priority.

Carter County has been a DEVNET client since 2006, and we felt it was important to help out in a time of need. DEVNET is proud to donate numerous hardware and software services to the county, including a workstation, barcode reader, and offsite computer system and software backup.

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