wEdge solutions provide web access to Edge. This allows the public, local offices, outside agencies and partner organizations a gateway to real time authoritative data. 

wEdge Web Applications provide county and public users access to important information, allow taxpayers to pay their real estate or personal property tax bills, and electronically file applications and record documents online.

wEdge Web Services provide application developers API access to property information such as tax information and property record card data.

wEdge Map Services produce GIS content to power EdgeMaps, support Esri Land Records solutions and other enterprise GIS initiatives. 

  • Highly-customizable user interface, helping to provide a seamless user-experience with the county’s existing web site.
  • Search properties by parcel number (PIN), property address, owner name and address, sale date, taxing body, property class, neighborhood, building attributes, and much, much more
  • Printable list of all search results, including the criteria used to produce the results
  • Search for a subset of information within a list of search results instantaneously
  • Easily navigate list of search results while viewing property detail
  • Sort results by property/account number, property address, or name.
  • Printable report containing all property detail information
  • Keep all years of history online. No limit to number of years available.
  • Keep full history for each property for all years, not just an abbreviated view
  • Parcel detail view can show any and all information associated with a property
  • Unlimited number of images, sketches, and scanned documents may be associated and displayed with a property
  • Subscription-based access to data
  • Search result and parcel information caching for enhanced site performance and instant retrieval of data
  • Integrate with numerous payment providers, including (but not limited to) Official Payments, Federal Payments, and Paypal.
  • Shopping cart allows users to easily pay multiple properties with one payment
  • HTML5 and CSS3 compliance
  • Integrates with Google Maps, Bing Maps, county GIS, and Pictometry (when available)
  • Dynamic data compression between client and server
  • Section 508 and WAI-AAA accessibility standards compliant
  • Parcel number/alternate parcel number/map number
  • Real estate, personal property, mobile/manufactured homes
  • Property/site address
  • Names and associated addresses (owners, mortgage companies, trusts, other interested parties, etc.)
  • Property/legal description
  • Residential and commercial building attributes
  • Building permits/inspections/violations
  • Tax bills, taxes due, taxes paid
  • Delinquent taxes, forfeited taxes, bankruptcy
  • Assessment/valuation
  • Exemptions/value reductions/tax credits
  • Taxing bodies
  • Tax levies
  • Sales data
  • Farmland data
  • Site/lot size
  • Parcel genealogy
  • Special assessments
  • Board of Revision/Appeals
  • Corrections/adjustments

wEdge makes heavy use of technologies found only in modern web browsers, most notably HTML5 local storage (for caching content) and up-to-date Javascript renderers.  As such, wEdge requires the use of one of the following web browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 8+
  • Firefox 4+
  • Safari 5+
  • Google Chrome
  • Opera 10+

DEVNET intends to provide the county with the following services in conjunction with its wEdge solution:



All DEVNET servers are backed up on a daily basis.  With regards to wEdge, DEVNET receives data from clients on one server, hosts the wEdge application on another server, and hosts the client databases on a third server.  Each one of these servers is backed up by the nightly process, and are part of additional weekly and monthly backup tasks.

In addition, all code is managed by the Mercurial distributed version control system.  A full history of the development of wEdge is tracked by Mercurial, and any version of the application can be reconstituted in short order. This makes rolling back to an earlier version in order to back out a change or track down a bug a simple task. The version control server is also backed up hourly.

Backups are stored offsite in case of disaster.


Service Standards

DEVNET takes great pride in the quality of its hosting infrastructure:

  • Availability: wEdge sites have excellent uptime.  The most typical downtime is the result of a client failing to successfully transfer daily data to DEVNET as part of the update process.  Rolling back to the previous day’s data takes less than 5 minutes. 
  • Response time: Even when serving 1,000 requests/second, the typical response time in wEdge is less than 0.4 seconds.
  • Bandwidth: More than 99% of the time, DEVNET is using less than one half of its available bandwidth.
  • Security: Security and privacy are of utmost priority at DEVNET. We will never collect data from your existing application that the county is not comfortable making public. Nonetheless, DEVNET routinely performs penetration tests and audits its security infrastructure and code, and follows all best practices for avoiding SQL injection attacks, cross-site scripting attacks, and other types of intrusion.
  • DEVNET hosted wEdge uses two hosting locations, with automatic failover between them.

DEVNET has been offering online solutions to local government since 2001.  Its first entry into this market was by offering subscription access to recorded documents, which was later expanded into offering public access to document information that could be purchased on-demand with a credit card.

DEVNET’s first online property tax product debuted in 2004, and received a substantial overhaul in 2007. 

After careful re-examination of its online product offerings, and considerable market research, DEVNET released wEdge in 2009 and emerged as a leader in providing online access to property data.  Since then, wEdge has received consistent, considerable upgrades and enhancements, keeping it on top of all modern technology trends.

In addition to its property tax and appraisal offerings, DEVNET offers software that allows taxpayers to sign up for email notifications of property tax due dates, payments made, and other important county news and information.