DEVNET Attends NACCTFO Conference

DEVNET is looking forward to attending the NACCTFO Conference in Fort Worth, Texas next week. NACCTFO is a national organization for County Collector’s, Treasurer’s and Finance Officers.

We look forward to exhibiting and meeting with everyone attending. If you will be at NACCTFO please stop by the DEVNET booth to say hello and learn more about the DEVNET Edge® integrated Property Tax and e-government solutions. View our campaign.

DEVNET Incorporated offers proven industry knowledge and experience implementing integrated Appraisal, Assessment, Billing, Collection and e-government solutions designed to empower the public sector user. We have dedicated ourselves to taking a unique, personalized approach with every client and have quickly become a leading nationwide provider of integrated government solutions. Our focus is on integration, enhanced workflow and all inclusive pricing. With over ninety installations, DEVNET solutions value and collect for over 3.5 million parcels throughout eight states. Our integrated DEVNET Edge® solutions provide endless possibilities to enhance workflow, boost productivity and manage time more effectively.

The full suite of integrated DEVNET Edge® Property Tax Solutions include: Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal (CAMA), Assessment Administration, Billing & Collection, Tax Claims, Remote Collection, Permitting & Zoning, Records Management, wEdge e-government, Printing & Mailing Services, Hardware Sales & Support and GIS Integration.

DEVNET Attends The CCAP Conference

DEVNET travels to Harrisburg next week to attend the County Commissioner’s Association of Pennsylvania Conference March 17-19 held at the Hilton Harrisburg Hotel. We are looking forward to connecting with the commissioners and promoting the DEVNET Edge® solutions and services. 

DEVNET offers tightly integrated solutions to Pennsylvania jurisdictions and has received several client endorsements in Pennsylvania. DEVNET offers integrated Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal (CAMA), Assessment Administration, Billing, Collection, Tax Claims, Remote Collection, Permitting & Zoning, Records Management, GIS Integration and wEdge e-government solutions. We are excited to see familiar faces and make new connections at this conference.

DEVNET Welcomes Forest County, Pennsylvania

DEVNET is pleased to welcome Forest County, PA. The Forest County Chief Assessor, Brenda Vincent started looking in April of 2012 for a new Tax Billing and Collection solution capable of processing property assessment, per capita and tax claims functions.  After meeting with the DEVNET staff, reviewing the software functionality and speaking to several satisfied DEVNET clients; Vincent was confident with her decision to select DEVNET . Forest County contracted with DEVNET in November to implement the DEVNET Edge® Integrated Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal (CAMA), Assessment Administration, Billing & Collection, Tax Claims and Remote Collection solution.  


Dauphin County Treasurer Extremely pleased with the DEVNET Remote Collection Software

Dauphin County, Pennsylvania has been a client of DEVNET’s since 2005 and continues to add on new DEVNET solutions and functionality that enhance the end users experience. The county realizes the importance of integration between offices and employs the DEVNET Edge®  Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal (CAMA), Tax Assessment Administration, Billing & Collection, Tax Claims, wEdge and the newly offered Remote Collection Module; which has this county singing DEVNET praises.

Janis Creason, Dauphin County Treasurer speaks of the DEVNET Remote Collection solution, “We have been able to achieve a level of efficiency that is most likely unprecedented statewide, as we monitor all activity in real time and maintain a high degree of control over the collection process. We could not be more pleased with the billing and collection module. We are thankful for the resoluteness of your staff who persevered in understanding our needs and translating those ideas into a premier software product, compliant with both our laws and our expectations.” To learn more about the Dauphin County Treasurer’s experience and the DEVNET Edge® Remote Collector Solution please view the full testimonial and presentation provided by Janis Creason.

DEVNET’s commitment to its clients is solidified by this testimonial. DEVNET has over 15 years of experience providing Property Tax Solutions that empower the public sector user. Our strengths come from our industry knowledge and our ability to deliver.